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Sunrise HOA

Our mission is to promote a sense of community, enhance the appearance, livability, safety and welfare of owners and to preserve and enhance property values.

Our board comprised of volunteers works to encourage communication, allocate budget resources, maintain community properties and improve lifestyle for residents with the
majority interests as a key focus. Participation of all residents is key to a harmonious and productive association.

2020 Yard of

The Month Awards went to:

May – 9504 S. 27th Street (Roman)
June – 2616 Morrie Drive (Wilkins)
July – 2601 Morrie Drive (Benson)
August – 9510 S. 28th Avenue (Wheeler)

Sunrise Awards


Holiday Decoration

Awards went to:

Christmas/Holiday Award (2022):
2619 Morrie Drive (Sears)

Sunrise Homeowner’s Association

Yard of the Month - Program Guidelines

The Sunrise Beatification Committee is dedicated to improving the appearance of our community. We encourage residents to take pride in their homes and neighborhood.
The Sunrise Homeowner’s Association Yard of the Month program has been established to encourage homeowners to improve the overall appearance of their lawn and landscapes. The program is to recognize homeowners who demonstrate above‐average efforts in maintaining their property, contributing to the overall appearance of the community. These awards are administered entirely by volunteers on (or about) the first of every month, from May through September, the Sunrise Homeowner Beautification Committee will choose one lawn and landscape that best exhibits curb appeal and beauty within the guidelines. If you are interested in volunteering for the committee, please email Matt Jones at MJones@pjmorgan.com.
Each Yard of the Month winner will be provided with a decorative yard sign that displays their winning yard. A posting and photo on our community website as well as a $40 credit towards their HOA dues. The yard sign must be displayed prominently in the yard for the entire award month.

Hunts Point, Washington,


Yard of the

Contest Guidelines

  • All homes within Sunrise are eligible (Board members excluded).
  • Award winners will be selected on the criteria listed below.
  • Landscaping may be done by the residents or professional landscaper.
  • A property cannot receive more than one award for Yard of the Month in a calendar period.
  • Each winner is expected to maintain their yard during the award month.
Bellevue Nebraska


Judging Criteria

Yard of the Month

Yard of the Month candidates are judged solely on the exterior appearance of their lawn and landscape as viewed from the street. General upkeep of the yard and property considers include the overall appearance, tidiness and neatness of the front of the property as evidenced by pruned, trimmed and shaped foliage, edged and defined lawns, borders & flower beds.

Lawn: Grass should be healthy with no bare spots or excessive weeds. Grass shall be mowed and edged, and trimmed around foundations and fences. Debris shall be picked up and removed. A unified and balanced landscape design is preferred.

Beds shall be weeded and edged, flowers must be deadheaded and dead plants removed, trees and shrubs pruned, entire lawn areas cleaned. Beautification efforts include flowers, trees, shrubs, hardscapes etc.

Walkways and Driveways: Walkways and driveways, if visible from the front, shall be clean. The area in front of the curb
must be free from debris and dirt.

Connect With your Sunrise Neighbors and HOA Board through Nextdoor

You can connect via web page on your computer or smart phone to Nextdoor. It automatically connects you with neighbors in your area. The HOA board members can be found here as well as the local sheriff participating. It is a great resource.

Program Guidelines

Sunrise Homeowner’s Association Holiday Decorations

Holiday Decoration Award

Fall Festival Award:

One homeowner will be awarded a $40 credit toward their HOA dues. The guidelines for this contest follow the same guidelines as the yard of the month, but will include fall items, such as Halloween decorations and/or fall festive colors in their landscaping/plants. The winner of the Fall Festival Award will be determined on November 1st.

Christmas/Holiday Award:

One homeowner will be awarded a $75 credit toward their HOA dues. The guidelines for this contest follow the same guidelines as the yard of the month, but will include outdoor Christmas/Holiday lighting and decorations. The winner will be chosen in December.

Garage Sales

Garage Sale coming in 2024.  Dates to be determined in Spring of 2024.