HOA Approved Projects

Mailbox Post Replacement

This project was completed in 2018. All mailbox posts were either replaced or repaired as required. Please see below for the original project description.

Please see below for the original project description. A 3 year project was approved to replace old and damaged mailboxes that were either in disrepair or did not meet USPS requirements such as height.  The project was approved so that mailbox posts that needed replacing were done and also conformed to a uniform look and structure. This replacement is only for the mailbox posts and not the boxes themselves.

Bids were reviewed and the work was awarded to a resident within Sunrise who had the best bid price.  He also has a vested interest in having quality work done at a reasonable price since he lives in our community.

The Homeowners Association will replace damages mailbox posts so they conform with all the other posts in the neighborhood.  Please contact the board at board@bellevuesunrise.com to report any damaged mailboxes so they can be replaced.

Hunts Point, Washington,
Bellevue Nebraska

The following steps have to be completed in order to effect mailbox post replacement.

  • Utility locates must be performed to ensure that no damage is done during removal or installation.  **Please do not remove the locate flags until the work is complete.

  • If you have questions or concerns about replacement contact the board of directors at

    On the mailbox replacement they should contact board@bellevuesunrise.com